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Non - Resident Indians (NRI) Legal Services

Welcome to our comprehensive legal services, provided by our team of expert solicitors in India. We offer a diverse array of legal solutions tailored to your needs:

International Family Law: Expertise in navigating international family matters.

International Divorce: Guidance and support throughout international divorce proceedings.

International Child Custody: Ensuring the best interests of children in cross-border custody cases.

Legal Matters in India: Assistance with Dowry Demand, Domestic Violence, and Maintenance cases in India.

Inter-country Child Adoption: Navigating the complexities of adoption under the Hague Convention.

Property and Title Search in India: Comprehensive property and title research services.

Power of Attorney Services: General and Special Power of Attorney services.

Property Possession Claims: Assistance with property possession matters in India.

Tenant Eviction: Legal support for eviction cases.

Cheque Bounce Cases: Legal recourse for cheque bounce incidents.

Foreign Direct Investment: Guidance on investing in India.

Document Preparation: Crafting various legal documents, including agreements, lease deeds, gift deeds, and adoption deeds.

Comprehensive Legal Support: Handling all other legal matters for foreigners and Non-Resident Indians.

Explore our extensive legal expertise to navigate international and Indian law for a wide range of legal needs.

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